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Office of the Director of Finance

The Director of Finance, a Chartered Accountant, is in charge of the financial powerhouse of the Conference Office. He assists the Secretary of Conference in managing and co-ordinating the finances of the Conference; co-ordinates the efforts of the Treasurers of Conference in the performance of their duties as provided by the Church Constitution. He ensures that Finance and Accounting functions are performed in accordance with the Resolution on Uniform Accounting Policy laid down by Conference from time to time. He makes arrangement for the auditing of Conference Accounts.

Accounts Personnel

MCN Conference Accounts Department has eleven staff based at the Conference Headquarters Office, which consists six (6), three (3) and one (1) for Account, Income Statistics and Income Monitoring Section while Archdiocesan Income Monitoring Officers numbering eight (8) working on the field in conjunction with Income Monitoring Section.

Department Activities

The department activities are supervised by the Conference Treasurers who are saddled by the Church’s constitution to exercise supervision and direction over the funds of the Church. They are also charge with the responsibility of presenting annual budget and audited accounts to Conference through the Conference Connexional Council Council.

Director of Finance:  Mr. Kolawole P. Oyeboade

Tel: 01-2702565