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Legal & Compliance

The Legal & Compliance Department finally came into being in 2006 during the tenure of His Eminence Dr. S. Ola Makinde C.O.N; after earlier efforts in this direction did not yield fruit. 

A sole pioneer Staff, and Head of Department, The Very Revd Barr. D.K. Olufemi JP laid the foundations with the unflagging support of the Church Authority and the Conference Legal Advisers, especially Sir Jadegoke Adebonajo Badejo KJW, SAN of blessed, and sainted memory.  The Very Revd Barr. D.K. Olufemi JP was later to be assisted in this wise by The Very Rev’d Barr. P. Chukwudi Onyekwere.

The Legal Department is currently manned since October 2021 as follows:
1.    The Very Rev’d Barr. P. Chukwudi Onyekwere – Head (24 hours)
2.    Barr. Babatunde Kasunmu – Conference Legal Adviser
3.    Barr. Tokunbo Kosoko-King – Conference Legal Adviser
4.    Sir Eng. Barr. Steve Avah KJW – Conference Legal Adviser
5.    Barr. Christian Ikeji - Conference Legal Adviser
6.    17 Archdiocesan Legal Advisers
7.    80 Diocesan Legal Advisers

The Department must continue to be eternally indebted to His Eminence Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche JP, Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria and the Secretary of Conference, The Rt. Rev’d (Dr.) Michael O. Akinwale for all the support, counsel and facilitations that continue to ensure that requisite deliverables meet the target. 

For avoidance of doubt, the schedule of expectations and deliverables from the Department will be listed hereunder.
Available records show that the remit and duties of the Legal & Compliance Department has been delineated (but is not limited to) the following:
a.    To render Legal Advice on Constitutional, Municipal and    International Law as it concerns the Church and TO ADVISE COMPLIANCE with these Laws.
b.    To render Legal Advice on matters of the Church’s Constitution and Processes.
c.    To make inputs (when sought) to the decision making process of the Church at all levels and tiers.
d.    To coordinate and liaise with the Conference Legal Advisers on the remit and duties of the Legal & Compliance Department, especially with respect to ongoing or anticipated litigations.
e.    To draft legal and ancillary documents especially Instruments of Investiture, Deeds of Inauguration etc.
f.    To arrange and co-ordinate (with the assistance of Conference Legal Advisers and other Resource Persons) Workshops and Seminars on issues dear to the life of the Church.
g.    To advise on compliance of processes and decisions with Statutes and Resolutions of Conference.
h.    To work on the compilation of Title Deeds of Church Assets in conjunction with the Conference Estate Department.
i.    To keep the Church Authority and Conference Office abreast of current legal developments and issues and to oversight day to day legal compliance by Conference Office.
j.    To vet Title Deeds and ancillary documents which require the signature of the Trustees
k.    In addition, to vet all and any documents requiring the signature of any person signing as Trustee of Methodist Church Nigeria.
l.    To compile and edit all editions of the Book of Resolutions.
m.    To execute any other assignment as may be referred from time to time by the Church Authority or as may be required by any arm, department, Investment Company or other such affiliate or body of the Church.  

The Legal Advisory function is very important and a sine qua non to ensuring that the Church, her organs and arms do not run afoul of the Law; and therefore become a public ridicule, or be characterised as Rogue!

As the premier Church in Nigeria we have a longstanding, impeccable and hard worn Reputation to protect; and this can only be done when we follow DUE PROCESS in our individual and CORPORATE ACTIONS.
The Conference Legal & Compliance Department has a robust Interface Platform on Whatsapp which enables the Department to tap all available legal expertise to the benefit of the Church; and which further enables us to coordinate the execution of all aspects of the Schedule of Duties on a real time and hands-on basis throughout the Conference Area.

The Department continues to monitor and oversee all the litigations against the Church, the Investment Companies etc.
Let us stress for avoidance of any doubt that NO LITIGATION may be commenced against any person or persons, body corporate or Government or their agency (s) in the name of the Church or the Incorporated Trustees of Methodist Church Nigeria without the authorisation of the Incorporated Trustees channelled through the Legal & Compliance Department, for very obvious reasons.
Where there is any litigation  against the Church which comes to the notice of any person or organ of the Church, the Legal & Compliance Department should be notified post haste to enable the Church defend the matter and to avoid Default Judgments against the Church.

We earnestly urge that DRAFT COPIES of all Land Title and any other Assets Title documentation be sent to the following email addresses, and within hours we will respond with any corrections, adjustments that will make such documents meet Conference Legal Standards. 


The response time is within 24 hours, especially if a call or SMS is sent to:
-     08083309414, 08033071133, or 08053061046.

We must place on record the personal commitment and interventions of His Eminence, Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche JP, Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, in ensuring the Department continues to meet all expectations. We remain eternally indebted to him for guidance and direction. 

The Secretary of Conference, The Rt. Rev’d (Dr.) Michael O. Akinwale, a canonical luminary in his own right, has always been on hand to facilitate and enable the Department in all her engagements, and for this we are very grateful. 

The Department shall continue to remain indebted to all who have in one way or the other made the work easier. God bless us all.

The Very Rev’d P. Chukwudi Onyekwere BL
Head, Conference Legal and Compliance